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Premiere: Havania Whaal "Horizon"

Portland, Oregon duo, Havania Whaal are preparing to release their EP, Babcia on September 20th via Seattle's Youth Riot Records. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the EP's latest single, "Horizon." With lyrics about "driving away from your home town and who you become in that journey," the track feels like a dream.


Why The Seattle Music Scene Is A Glimpse At The Future

Why The Seattle Music Scene Is A Glimpse At The Future subscribe to All Songs Considered podcast Most cities tend to have a voice, but few quite as loud or interesting as Seattle's. This is a city that gave us Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana and Pearl Jam but also the softer, more introspective sounds of Fleet Foxes, The Postal Service and Death Cab for Cutie.

Under Review: Primp, Mother Loose

Mother Loose, a two sided single from Vancouver gals Primp, is the latest in an evolutionary process that has taken the band from lo-fi through power pop to garage rock. Cheekily scrawled in the liner notes on Primp's Bandcamp page, "This is the last of allie's breakup tracks (for now...)


Beyond Grunge: 15 Artists Redefining Seattle Music

In 1989, Seattle music was approaching its breaking point - the point at which it would travel beyond the marine layer hovering above our grey waters and thrust itself into the public consciousness. You know the names: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains.


Docks - Ballast EP

The recording project of Manon Raupp and Daniel Selig, French duo Docks makes a distinctive brand of instrumental music, touching upon post-rock, slowcore and dream pop to create what the band describe as 'snoozepop'.

Sounds: Funny Face House // Magnolia

You know what I love about this world of polished-to-perfection pop music? All the bands who ditch the high-priced recording studios, in-the-box recording process, endless editing, and autotune to wind up with a gritty, dirty, lo-fi tune with the one thing so many pop hits can never quite attain: character.

Sleepover Club's 'My Other Dad Is Your Ride'

Everett's Sleepover Club is fun, with a side of "fuck you." Championing lyrics that are equal parts pointed, witty, and downright goofy, Sleepover Club provides punk rock ripper after punk rock ripper, with each song somehow catchier than the last, on their new record, My Other Dad Is Your Ride (released by Youth Riot Records).

Mommy Long Legs - "Bridezilla"

The Seattle band Mommy Long Legs has been around for a bit now, amassing a tape, an EP, and a 7″ since they started releasing music in 2015. Today, they're announcing their debut album, 'Try Your Best,' with a new song called "Bridezilla."