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Daily Dose: Versing, "Tethered"

Daily Dose is your daily source for the song you absolutely, positively need to hear every day. Curated by the Paste Music Team. Seattle four-piece Versing are living proof that college radio-in their case, Tacoma's KUPS-continues to serve as a breeding ground for bands and music nerds alike.


Mommy Long Legs - "Bridezilla"

The Seattle band Mommy Long Legs has been around for a bit now, amassing a tape, an EP, and a 7″ since they started releasing music in 2015. Today, they're announcing their debut album, 'Try Your Best,' with a new song called "Bridezilla."

Emma Lee Toyoda Bears the Weight of the World On New EP I Hear U & I'm Here 4 U (KEXP Premiere)

11/02/2018 Jasmine Albertson The human experience is long and difficult and - without the support of others - can be completely unbearable. While that may sound pessimistic and bleak, remembering that it's an experience we all share, rather than one that is unique to just our individual selves, can be a helpful reminder during our lowest points.


Sleepover Club's 'My Other Dad Is Your Ride'

Everett's Sleepover Club is fun, with a side of "fuck you." Championing lyrics that are equal parts pointed, witty, and downright goofy, Sleepover Club provides punk rock ripper after punk rock ripper, with each song somehow catchier than the last, on their new record, My Other Dad Is Your Ride (released by Youth Riot Records).


Docks - Ballast EP

The recording project of Manon Raupp and Daniel Selig, French duo Docks makes a distinctive brand of instrumental music, touching upon post-rock, slowcore and dream pop to create what the band describe as 'snoozepop'.

Sounds: Funny Face House // Magnolia

You know what I love about this world of polished-to-perfection pop music? All the bands who ditch the high-priced recording studios, in-the-box recording process, endless editing, and autotune to wind up with a gritty, dirty, lo-fi tune with the one thing so many pop hits can never quite attain: character.